About Us

(www.ThinkPadDepot.com) is a online computer store located in the corridors of Washington-Dulles technology belt. The business is dedicated to offer very special prices on the reputed branded line of products to end-users specifically in the United States. ThinkPadDepot.Com is designed to be a secure yet user-friendly web-enabled entity.

Wholesale Price to Consumers:
ThinkPadDepot.com offers to consumers a price that once was only available to large resellers and distributors. Wholesale price is now made available on purchase of single units. However, we offer corporate customers, government entities, resellers and customers from educational sectors volume discounts under certain specified purchase conditions.

Our Goal:
Our goal is to benefit all end-user customers by offering an unbeatable quality product at an unbeatable price. Our current services, low-cost and high-end quality product lines are attractive to all consumers. Every active customer will be a virtual member of our ThinkPadDepot.com community, and our members will continue to enjoy even more benefits, as our community grows. MISYS Technologies Inc is a leading global provider of IT support, products and services. It serves more than 8,000 technology companies, integrators and corporate end-users in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America and Europe. With an IT background of over 7 years, the company has established its subsidiaries, strategic business units and strategic alliance partners in the United States, Canada and Europe. MISYS Technologies Inc extensive service offering includes configuration and assembling services as well as a full range of IT professional outsourcing to the corporate customers.

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